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The Consultant Journey

At Analytic Vizion, we move with intention. Everything we do has a greater purpose – from our recruitment process to our core values to our team collaboration to our relationships. There is a greater meaning that can be felt. Each and every team member is a part of the greater vision  to inspire and cultivate true servant leadership in our people, allowing them to impact their community and the marketplace for decades to come.

Open Positions

Data Engineer

We are looking for a Data Engineering Consultant who enjoys connecting business needs to data and building out the data foundation to enable analytic solutions in order to serve our clients with excellence.

Data Engineering Architect

We are looking for a Data Engineering Architect who enjoys connecting people, process, and technology to design and build solutions that support our clients' desire to become data driven organizations. 

Data Analytics Recruiter

We are looking for a Recruiter who has a knack for finding great, talented people aligned our organization's values and who thrives on creating strategies that continuously fuel our talent pipeline.

Learn. Lead. Launch.

As an organization, we not only work to equip and inspire our team members, we strive to launch them back into the marketplace as community and industry leaders. We intentionally pursue impact, rather than simply focusing on profit, knowing that the byproduct of serving the marketplace with excellence will provide the financial resources to grow the organization. We boldly practice servant leadership principles founded on intrinsic values because we know that these character traits build influence for leaders.

For those that wish to join our organization, we offer a completely different experience for your career - We invite you on a journey rather than giving you a job. 

Rather than hoping to keep you as long as possible, our focus from day one is to prepare you for what's next. We believe the marketplace craves leaders worth following, and our focus is to help you become that next generation leader that is launched back into an organization to influence and inspire teams in the critical space of data and technology.  This is no strings attached. Our promise is to pour into our people, then send them out to have their greatest impact leading their own teams and organizations.

We call this the Consultant Journey, taking a total of six years split into 3 parts: Learn, Lead, and Launch. During each of these periods, you will go through different roles and experiences of professional development.


Where you begin your journey with Analytic Vizion is determined as a part of the recruiting process. 

Learn (Years 1-3)

Your first three years at Analytic Vizion will be focused on learning both the technical skills needed for you execute complex technical projects, while at the same time building the skills necessary to lead yourself so that you'll be prepared to lead others. We'll focus on the methodologies needed for creating consistently successful solutions and challenging ourselves and our clients by going deeper in the analytic maturity. Our focus will be to equip you with the tools and the training you need to create a strong foundation for your leadership, and guides you with intention along that journey. There will be a curriculum of books to be read and to respond to in writing.

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Lead (Years 4&5)

During your 4th and 5th years at Analytic Vizion, we ask you begin your leadership journey with us.  You will have the opportunity to lead project teams through client engagements, internal initiatives, account relationships, technology partnerships and support both our team of consultants and local community.  You will focus less time on delivery and more time on the mentorship of your team.

Launch (Years 6)

Year 6 will look very different. From the moment you 'catch the vizion' on day one, we will be focused on launching you back in to the the marketplace. This culminates in Year 6 as we work together to set you up for what's next, while at the same time you learn the leadership art of replacing yourself by empowering others. 

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Equip and Inspire

Our investment in you

“The highest performing teams on the planet... they are not the strongest, they are not the smartest, they are not the fastest. The highest performing teams on the planet are the ones that give to each other selflessly. They commit themselves to taking care of each other. This is what makes a great team. Never forget you are here because someone took care of you and you have a responsibility to take care of others. This is what makes you great. This is the core of leadership.”
- Simon Sinek

We are who we hire. We believe that the care of our people is foundational to any success we may hope for as an organization. To that end, we pour into our people in the hope that they will in turn pour into their clients and those that they lead.  


Throughout the journey we tackle challenging ideas through books that look at leadership from a variety of perspectives. We wholeheartedly embrace the principle that leaders are learners.

Over the course of each year together we read seven books, with topics focused on your current stage of the journey.

Each team member that joins Analytic Vizion begins their journey with the Core Leadership Experience - four books from which we build a foundation of principled leadership.

Image by Vladyslav Bahara

Friday Morning Investment

Image by Dylan Gillis

We gather on Friday’s to pour back into our people. Friday mornings at Analytic Vizion are full of creative energy as team members are given a place to share client success stories, collaborate on challenges, review book learnings, and offer guidance or mentorship.

We have intentionally structured our organization to create breathing room for our consultants. Our desire is that each person is able to finish the week with a full tank, rather than empty and overwhelmed.

We believe in creating this margin so much that the 7th Friday of each quarter is an off day. We call it 'Half Time' and we think of it as an opportunity to reflect on what's already been accomplished, and where our focus should be for the remainder.


We value taking "Joy in the Journey" and we are intentional about taking every opportunity to celebrate our amazing people. Whether it through honoring the accomplishments of our people on a quarterly basis with "Rock the Vizion", to annual trips or experiences together, to finishing a project together with the applause your leadership and team, our desire is to create a culture of celebration.

Our emphasis on celebration even informs how we provide compensation. After completing your second full quarter at AV, team members begin to take part in profit sharing. This not only celebrates the great work of our consultants, but it creates an ownership mentality that helps us all work toward building a thriving business together.   

Finally, we may be one of the only organizations in the world to celebrate when our best people leave. We know that our loss is the world's gain, and we celebrate with "Launch Parties" when our best and brightest complete the journey and launch in to their next chapter.

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