The Vizion

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

At Analytic Vizion, culture starts with our why. We believe that life is not about what you do, it is about why you do it. In everything we do, we seek to realize our fullest potential, using our unique gifts and opportunities to serve our clients and community, because that is what we are called to do.

Values at Our Core

Great leaders inspire action through communicating and demonstrating the values and principles that are aligned with their heart and that of the organization. That alignment creates a driving force behind the leader, strengthen the organization they are a part of, and enriching the relationships with the team members they serve.

Here at Analytic Vizion, upholding each of these values is critical to our vizion and to ensuring the success of our clients. 

Our Values

Do what is Right, and Surrender the Outcome

We believe that doing what is right above all else fosters trust in relationships and leads to better long-term outcomes. We take ownership of our mistakes and communicate risks and issues upfront with integrity, accepting the consequences of our actions. We learn from the past and move forward with confidence.

Do Uncomfortable Work

We believe that if you feel comfortable, you probably aren’t growing. We take the road less traveled and act with integrity although it is hard. Some of the most meaningful conversations are the toughest to engage in. Handling situations in this way daily creates a thriving culture by fostering trust, mutual respect, and teamwork.

Lead through Serving

We are called to serve others because we believe that selflessness is a mark of a true leader. We don’t crave the spotlight or lead for personal gain. We are humble, but not passive. We listen with the desire to understand. We leave organizations better than we found them.

Challenge often, Love always

We believe that to grow, you must constantly challenge yourself. We challenge one another as well and set a high standard for excellence in all areas of life. We reach beyond our comfort zones to go above and beyond for those we serve. We meet failure with grace and support our people along the way.

Let Gratitude Lead to Generosity

We believe that life is a gift and that each of us has the responsibility to steward our talents and resources with wisdom and care. Our generosity comes from an overflowing gratitude for what we have been blessed with. We believe that generosity is contagious and produces a multiplication effect in society. 

Own It With Passion

We take pride in the solutions we create. By enthusiastically going the extra mile, we exceed expectations. We take ownership of both the successes and the failures. When things go wrong, we see it as a way to grow. We fail fast and face the next challenge with determination and drive and meet challenges with optimism and excitement.

Practice Rigorous Authenticity

We believe that true authenticity is rare in today’s culture. As servant leaders, we check our ego at the door and choose to hold truth above our own desire to represent a false image of ourselves. We know that to be a successful team member we must know our both our strengths and weaknesses.

We are Sons and Daughters, and This is Family

Each one of us is valued and cared for as unique members of the organization. We challenge each other daily as we all stand to benefit from our individual and collective success. As a team, we humbly meet each day with the realization that alone we will fail, but together we can prosper. We also recognize the bond that we all share in humanity. 

Take Joy in the Journey

We enjoy our work and attack everything we do with enthusiasm. We believe that success is a journey fraught with challenges and opposition. We are intentional in celebrating where we have been and take time to pause to reflect on the past as we look toward the future. We are excited to go to work every day.

Finish with Legacy in Mind

True greatness is only ever realized in those who finish well. In everything we do, we think about those who will come after us. We finish the tasks set before us, knowing that the solutions we create will have lasting impact for our clients. We aim to leave every organization we interact with better than we found them.

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