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What We're Reading: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Updated: May 20, 2022

Our people are the embodiment of our vision to equip and inspire the next generation of leaders worth following. They are not resources to be managed, but rather passionate people to be led. We believe when we invest in our people, we enable them to give their best to the clients they serve. That is why one of our three Unique’s is simply stated as “We Pour Into Our People; Our People Pour Into Our Clients”.

We actively pour into our people is by dedicating each Friday to our consultants’ leadership growth. We read books, have lunch & learns, and spend time growing each consultant’s knowledge in a variety of areas. As part of this Friday learning, everyone that comes into our organization spends the first 6 months in our Core Leadership Experience reading, discussing, and applying principles in 4 fundamental leadership books:

At the end of each book, the cohort celebrates by coming together for a personal net-out summarizing the book. A consultant’s net-out contains a few common discussion points:

  • The main theme and takeaways

  • Favorite quotes and personal significance to the individual

  • Aspects that the consultant will implement

  • Ideas on how the topics of the book align with our organization and values as leaders.

It just so happens that our second cohort of Analytic Vizioneers recently finished their first book in the Core Leadership Experience. We want to share with you a fantastic net out done by Jade Wimpey on 7 Habits.

“At first you might think doing something like this is like homework, but I had so much fun reading and self-reflecting on this book that it was actually easy to talk and write about. I was inspired by Sean Covey’s depiction of the 7 Habits as a tree, starting from the root (private), the tree/fruit (public), and the sky (renewal). It’s a journey of life and leadership lessons that I will continuously refer back to. I had a blast reading this with my AV fam.” - Jade

7 Habits of Highly Effective People is the first book in the Core Leadership Experience. We believe it is a foundational focus on true success in life. We read a book like this because it sets the foundation for the principles and the culture that we want to be true of this organization. While potentially not exhaustive, this book is comprehensive, taking the reader from a mindset of dependence to independence to interdependence as our goal for our place in an organization or society.

Analytic Vizion is dedicated to equipping and inspiring the next generation of leaders worth following; it is safe to say these principles, ideas, and habits must be foundational in our people for us to have a thriving culture.

Have you read Covey’s book before? What parts about it stood out most to you?

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