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Recap: Tableau Tips for Tomorrow's Leaders

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

We were very glad to be able to host Tableau Tips for Tomorrow's Leaders last Friday, November 4th! Getting to be a part of the #datafam is something we're grateful for, so being able to give back to that community with an event like this makes it even better.

We asked those in attendance to donate to the Boys and Girls Club Playground project we're working on, and they came through! During the event, we received $4,371 in donations.

As we share the recording of the event with you, we hoped that you would consider donating to help us provide for the kids of Whitehead Boys and Girls Club. There's still time to help us put on a great Opening Day celebration with the kids!

Below is a short recap of the event, as well as a link to the full event recording.

Jennifer Dawes shared some great insight about general dashboard design, case functions, using the same measure or dimension multiple ways in a given chart, tiling sheets to create whitespace, and parameter subtitles for dashboards. Her tips are can't miss!

Kevin Flerlage gave us tips about using transparent shapes in Tableau, including replacing calculations with transparent shapes in certain charts. These same transparent images can be used in dashboard design in order to create specific hyperlinked text. He also demonstrated how to replace colors with transparent colors using hex codes, which can be used to great effect on map visualizations.

Next was Jade Wimpey Corley, who taught us the hotkey for a new calculation, how to quickly reorder sheets in a large workbook, how to keep percent change visible while focusing on one time period, how to hide the baby blue highlight on dashboards, and how to use filter actions on a dashboard to help show what filters are being used when sheets are used as filters.

Dinushki De Livera showed us literally everything about maps... how to change background color, background image, and many options available through the MapBox plugin, like changing street colors, hiding street names, hiding buildings, and how to load these MapBox created maps into Tableau.

Jared Flores gave us a great introduction to Tableau Prep, including how to quickly check our number of columns, our data types, and sample a few entries of each column. He walked us through deactivating data sampling, which can help when trying to validate data once multiple sources have been unioned. Lastly, he demonstrated how to create a dynamic calendar table, so that we can have a list of all dates between our minimum and maximum dates, and tie that back to the original date field so that it continually updates as our dataset is updated.

Again, we ask that if you find the tips shared here helpful, you would donate to the playground and help us finish our fundraising! There's still time to help us get to our goal and give back to the Boys and Girls Club.

And of course, check out the Tips right here!


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