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Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Now more than ever, data is needed to understand what's happening. We're focused on equipping you with the insights necessary to make data driven decisions to proactively manage your network.


Port Congestion

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Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the international supply chain has been out of balance. Inventory planning has become nearly impossible, with containers stuck at sea and in ports. Using vessel tracking data, cutting-edge container tracking, trade data, and advanced analytics, Supply Chain Vizion has built dashboards and metrics displaying what's actually happening at the ports. This objective data drives planning for shippers, ports, drayage providers, steamship lines, forwarders, and all parties involved in the international supply chain.

  • Are you interested in building dashboards and insights using your own data?
  • Are you interested in seeing real-time port congestion?
What We Do

What We Do



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