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Tableau Tips for Tomorrow's Leaders

Building a playground one Tableau Tip at a time.

November 4, 2022
1:00pm ET

Presented By

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From the beginning, Analytic Vizion's desire has been to equip and inspire the next generation of data and technology leaders. We visualize the next generation in three key ways: children, students, and early career. 

This year, the Vizion Foundation is focused on providing a joyful space for children to play via a new playground. We seek to enable those who might otherwise not have this opportunity to instead have a quality playground in their community. 

Join this virtual event to:

  • Hear from Tableau community Ambassadors as they share their favorite Tableau Tips.

  • Learn helpful hidden gems and secret tricks you probably haven't seen before. 

  • Support our vision of building the next generation.

Event Agenda: 

  • Welcome Remarks

  • Our amazing Tipsters will cover the following topics

    • Kevin Flerlage - All things transparency​

    • Jennifer Dawes - Tableau's hidden secrets

    • Jade Corley - Formatting and function

    • Dinushki De Livera - Maps!

    • Jared Flores - Tableau Prep and data structure

  • Closing Remarks

Tableau Tipsters


Dinushki De Livera

Social Ambassador

kevin flerlage.png

Kevin Flerlage

Tableau Visionary

jennifer dawes.png

Jennifer Dawes

Tableau Public Ambassador

jared flores.png

Jared Flores

Social Ambassador

jade wimpey.png

Jade Corley

Social Ambassador

About Analytic Vizion 

Analytic Vizion is a data and analytics consulting firm that exists to equip and inspire the next generation of data and technology leaders by helping organizations thrive at the intersection of analytic insight and organizational strategy.  

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