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Our Vision
To equip and inspire the next generation of data and technology leaders

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We invite the Data and Analytics community to join us on a journey as we learn from some of the most integral leaders in the space, while at the same time sharing insights from our own experience. 

Our hope is to equip and inspire the next Generation of leaders by intersecting timeless leadership principles with authentic discussions on the challenges facing leaders from the rapid pace of innovation in data and analytics.


Through our podcast, we are looking to engage current leaders in the data and technology field by focusing on the People, Strategy, and Technology in the space of data and analytics. Additionally, we hope to impact analysts and developers looking to grow themselves into future leaders by focusing on the values, principles, and ideas that fuel a data driven culture.

If this sounds like you or something your organization is working towards, please join us! We are excited to have you come along on this journey. 


Co-Hosts Nelson Davis and
Nathan Settembrini


Intro to Titans of Data

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Thanks for following along!

First Released on August 20th 2020


This initial introduction speaks to how we plan to bring this vision to life. We dive in to our passion behind the Titans of Data, who we hope to have join the community, and what you can expect from us along the journey. 

Check it out, let us know how we can connect with you below.  Also check out our most recent episodes at the bottom of the page.

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