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Alteryx Inspire Recap

Our team soaked up everything the 2022 Alteryx Inspire Conference in Denver, CO had to offer. Check out our recap on must watch sessions and the biggest announcements from those pushing the bounds on Analytics Automation.

Can't Miss Sessions

We asked Tyler and Alex to give us their top sessions we should go back and watch on-demand. You can access on-demand sessions here until July 14, 2022.

Tyler's Favorite Sessions:

  1. How to Unlock Data from Images & PDFs with Alteryx

  2. Analytics Application Manager

  3. Alteryx Auto Insights: Data to Insights in Minutes, Not Days

Alex's Favorite Sessions:

  1. Alteryx Optimizes Spatial Data w/ Macros – Location Optimization

  2. How to Solve Business Problems with Computer Vision

  3. How to Maximize Freight Savings Through Optimization

  4. What the XML?

Looking Ahead

Analytics Automation. That is the key focus for new Alteryx product offerings and roadmap.

Our vision at Alteryx is to support you with one unified platform – unified for the cloud, unified for big and small data, unified insights, and unified for users all across the enterprise”

These 4 investment priorities guide Alteryx's product strategy and roadmap for analytics automation:

1. Democratizing Analytics

“Analytics has to be a team sport. You need a platform that can orchestrate workflows and allow you to share insights with any user. Our no-code and low-code friendly analytics platform will allow technical and non-technical people to share work and collaborate.”

2. Embedding AI Everywhere

“We’re democratizing AI by helping infuse AI into everyday tasks. Think about your colleagues in the business – they have tons of questions. You struggle to handle the volume, and, frankly, sometimes you struggle to understand exactly what they want. What if they could answer their own questions?

3. Enabling the Cloud

“You love our on-premise solutions like Alteryx Designer, but you’re being pressed to go to the cloud. So we’re adding cloud capabilities into Designer and Server…

We’ve rolled out 3 cloud products this year: A) Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta for building cloud data pipelines, B) Alteryx Machine Learning that allows everyone in the organization to benefit from AI and ML, and C) Alteryx Auto Insights to reveal previously unseen insights. Together, these 3 products comprise the Alteryx analytics cloud – our unified platform for analytics automation. ”

4. Untangling Big Data

“As you move to the cloud, the variety and velocity of data that comes to you can be overwhelming…You live in a world of ubiquitous connectivity, and Alteryx makes it easy for you to work with this data – no matter how complex your data is, or how many pipelines you have to build, or how many gnarly transformations or algorithms you need to run to shape your data.”

Alteryx Designer

Recent & Upcoming Updates to Designer

“We’re excited about all the cloud capabilities we’ll be bringing to you, but we also understand the importance of continuing to deliver innovation and improvements to the products you’re using everyday.” Jay Henderson, SVP Product Management

Changes in Past Year

  • Data Cleansing Built into Results Grid

  • Compare Workflows to Visualize Differences Between Workflows

  • New Data Connectors - UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Outlook, Google Drive

  • Cloud DB Integration Improvements - Databricks, Snowflake, Big query

  • New release cadence - major releases every 6 months / "maintenance packs" every 6 weeks (no install required)


  • Field Level Search for Join & Select Tools

  • Best Cloud Capabilities to Desktop

  • Cloud Connectors

  • Next Gen Location Analytics / Mapping

Alteryx Server

Noteworthy Server Improvements

  • Server Interface Improvements – Easier & More Intuitive

  • Alteryx V3 API’s – All core capabilities via API, enabling server admins to programmatically add, update, remove, etc.

  • Data Connection Manager – Single data connection auto updates across workflows, sync to Server

  • Git integration for versioning, Dev/Test/Prod Workflow Lifecyle, Data Connection Management

Intelligence Suite

Intelligence Suite offers Computer Vision & Text Mining Capabilities as an Add-On

to Designer and Server to work with unstructured data

  • Computer Vision – PDF’s & Images / Image Profile Optimizer / Barcode tool

  • Text Mining– Named entity recognition (identify people, orgs, locs in text

From the sessions, to the Sneak Peeks, to the dancing with The Vampire Weekend, Alteryx Inspire 2022 was one for the books. It was incredible getting to see familiar faces and make friends with new ones.

Missed this year's activities? No worries. Alteryx Inspire 2023 has already been announced! Save the date for May 22-26, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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