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Analytic Vizion goes Bananas - Savannah Bananas, that is!

Analytic Vizion has gone completely #Bananas! Over three days, we had the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the baseball show business – the Savannah Bananas!

When we think of what Jesse Cole and the Bananas are doing, they are absolutely changing the game they are playing. While much of what you see resembles a baseball game, how they bring it to life is completely different. When you ask them why they do what they do, they will tell you that they are here to be #FansFirst and entertain always. They want to make baseball fun.

There were so many lessons we learned from our time together, some of which you can read down below. But above all else, we saw something #different. We saw something that makes you stop and pause and take note. We saw a group of people that are fully bought into a #vision and they are working their tails off to bring it to reality.

Key Takeaways from the Savannah Bananas and

Find Your Yellow Tux

Ruthless elimination of friction

Eliminating friction is about putting yourself in your fans’ shoes and looking at every possible pain point, every possible frustration, every possible policy that slows things down, heats up tempers and punishes fans,” says Cole. Pay particular attention to microfrictions. Cole and the front office crew take turns being an undercover fan at every game and then report back on what could be improved from the moment fans arrive to when they head home. We saw this first hand with their easy concession service and no-assigned seating.