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Podcast / System with Soul: When Data Meets Strategy

Updated: May 20, 2022

On April 17th, 2019 (a month before opening Analytic Vizion), I jotted an idea down on a note card on how to engage the marketplace with servant leadership in data and technology. I sent it to one of my mentors, Mark Butler. He then sent it on to Benj Miller, and about a month later, I was sitting in the office of Syrup as a wide-eyed, newly minted entrepreneur, in front of a guy that's now started 10 different businesses.

I had no idea what I was doing, but Benj saw something that turned our 30 min meeting into 90 min, and poured wisdom into me that I still lean on often. Benj has become a mentor to me - challenging the visionary in me to focus on building a strong business and learning the mechanics to do so.

That's why it was such a pleasure to sit down with Benj and Chris White on the System & Soul podcast and dig in to our vision around #Analytics and how our focus on "Comprehensive Analytic Solutions" (People, Systems, and Technology (in that order)) is a game changer for organizations large and small.

I am so grateful for this journey and for those that are cheering for Analytic Vizion. Their support is what allows us to be successful.

Discussion Summary

A rapidly increasing number of businesses are using data to make better, well-informed decisions for their organization. With data analytics becoming more necessary and accessible, it’s also becoming more ubiquitous in today’s business world.

This week on System & Soul, we talk with Nelson Davis, Founding Partner and Chief Visioneer at Analytic Vizion. Nelson explains how organizations can benefit from analytical-based thinking and what first steps any organization can take to become better data-driven decision makers––what Nelson calls “analytic maturity.”

Listen to learn how your organization can benefit from analytical-based thinking and about the incredible culture at Analytic Vizion, where they’re fostering data driven thinkers and teaching them how to start their own data analytic companies.

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