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Analytic Vizion - We are Leading. To. Insight.

Updated: May 20, 2022

We believe that data and technology will be the driving force of the innovation that will fuel the growth of the next generation of business.

At the same time, we believe that there is a shortage of true servant leaders who can bring together teams who will be able to truly capitalize on the valuable opportunities standing in front of their teams and organizations.

We believe there is a tremendous opportunity in the marketplace, both in helping to solve the most technical challenges facing organizations today, but also in helping to grow and shape the next generation of leaders, who will solve these challenges of the future, at scale.

To that end, I am grateful to have the opportunity to announce the creation of a new organization, built on the foundation of love and service, that exists to help organizations thrive through data visualization and analytic storytelling, by focusing on creating the next generation of data and technology leaders in the marketplace.

This is Analytic Vizion, and we are Leading. To. Insight.


Our goal, is to find the best and brightest in the data and technology space, love them and teach them to lead as servants, while solving the most challenging problems in the marketplace, with the goal to launch them back into the marketplace as the next generation of leaders. We exist to create and launch this next generation of leaders to face the most critical challenges of our time - leading teams and organizations through the fastest pace of growth and innovation in human history.

We aim to be an organization with servant leadership built into its DNA. We believe that this type of leadership, done with excellence, is rocket fuel for the success of any organization. As James Hunter so beautifully put it, we believe that “leadership begins with the will, which is our unique ability as human beings to align our intentions with our actions and choose our behavior. With the proper will, we can choose to love, the verb, which is about identifying and meeting the legitimate needs, not wants, of those we lead. When we meet the needs of others, we will by definition, be called upon to serve and even sacrifice. When we serve and sacrifice for others, we build authority or influence…. And when we build authority with people, then we have earned the right to be called leader.” Patrick Lencioni, author of Five Disfunctions of a Team, believes that, “We need to stop talking about servant leadership like it is a special form of leadership. There is no other type of leadership if you want to be a leader worth following.” The concepts of servant leadership and their surrounding principles will be a primary focus of this organization, and a huge part of the growth for every person that joins our team.

By creating an organization so invested in our people, our clients will see amazing results. By focusing on the data and technology space, we will be impacting some of the most critical parts of our clients businesses.

Historically, consulting firms, and most other organizations on the planet, work hard to retain their best and brightest, and are sad when they move on to the next opportunity. We will have a different model, graduating leaders after 3 to 6 years, and launching them back in to the marketplace into roles as CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, CEOs, VPs, MDs, and team leaders, celebrating with them as they go. Our heart is to fundamentally change what the marketplace sees as leadership, and we know that in order to do this we are proposing to create a fundamentally different model than has existed in the past. Cheryl Bachelder, former CEO of Popeyes believes that leaders like this are “in short supply. This is evident by the lackluster performance results of many organizations and institutions.” She believes there are not enough, as she calls them, “Dare-to-Serve Leaders to run global businesses. There are not enough Dare-to-Serve Leaders to create and operate small businesses. There are not enough Dare-to-Serve Leaders to run other institutions such as government, education, the arts, and charitable organizations. If there were, the global economy would be growing at an incredible pace. The world’s problems would find solutions. The people would be well served. The performance results would be stunning.” We humbly desire to play a role in the marketplace where we can have even the smallest influence on creating amazing outcomes.

Speaking personally, I want to build an organization that will impact the person who will one day lead my four boys. Beyond any one technical solution we may one day create, we believe our greatest contribution would be to create fundamental changes in organizational leadership that will drive generational impact. We desire to create an organization where the leaders we launch become some of the most sought after in the marketplace. To create a consulting firm whose graduates might one day be held in the same esteem as those from the top business schools in the country.

We believe all of this is possible, and we are looking to team and partner with those who are willing to share our Vizion.


We are going somewhere. We have a vision for the impact that great leaders with powerful insights can have on their organizations. Our teams will be looking to drive and create some of the most innovative solutions in the data and technology space that the marketplace has seen to date. True leadership requires only two things - a leader with a vision of where their team must go, and followers desiring to go there with them. We will be willing to help tackle some of the greatest challenges facing our clients, with methodologies and expertise that will lead to amazing outcomes for the organizations that we serve.

Nearly every organization would profess to have the desire to become “data-driven”, yet for so many, the most insightful learnings are in the hands of just a few of the most talented and brightest early adopters. We desire to help create cultures of data literacy, common metric understanding, and couple that with excitement and passion that creates champions throughout the business. This inevitably leads to the desired environment of creating a data-driven culture at any organization. And we would love to hel